On the bus

Pen drawing on my tiny sketchbook



Indian Castle and Town

This is very first idea sketch for the show "1001 Nights"

Indian Market Sketch

Chinese Village Sketch

For one of those episodes happening in China.
"1001 Nights"
Blue pencil on paper


Show "1001 Nights"

It was very interesting and challenging to draw Persian Background for the show "1001 nights"
I learned a lot about Persian culture, architecture and landscape
and fell in love with
those beautiful patterns and lines and insanely details...
I really want to visit Iran sometime soon.....
Reference books and photos aren't enough...
More drawings in my Portfolio blog
Persian bay window where the queen starts telling the stories....

Part of Persian Queen's inner palace

The episodes go everywhere,
Persia, India, Egypt, China.....
This is a brief sketch of chinese village