Background Designs

Cul de sac (night)

Edd's house under construction

The Spinx made by Eds

This is Ed's bedroom with 3Eds homework station set up.
coloured by Bonni Reid(Amazing artist)

Prop designs for Eds

Lucky morning

When I was on the bus, One little kid made a face at me.
He is gifted....
His face was so funny, it still makes me smile.


in 1995
The cartoon for a publicity booklet.
It was about a building law and permit.

The house for the deads

The Crypt
there are spaces for the memorials, little area for quiet weeping....
The vault part is under the water.
This was my final project of the university.

Floating Multipurpose Object

This is the floating object
which can be a small plaza on the water,
and also a little light house at night.
I won second prize on the Design Competition with this.

Monastery Project


Prayer room

Small Chapel

House project (Model)

The lot was tiny, the buget was very low...
Those are the reason I enjoyed this project.
I fought for the spaces.
I remember I spent so much time on layout of the toilet seat,
because I couldn't make enough room for sink.
This is very small house which 6 different families can live.
It was fun.

House project (Real one)